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Survey Design

How to Write Good Survey Questions

To write effective survey questions, you should always consider your respondents’ point of view. From question type, length, order and framing, many factors can influence

Survey Design

Best Practices for Survey Research

When compared to telephone surveys and face-to-face interviews, online surveys (questionnaires) are a more efficient research method. However, there are a number of factors that

Survey Design

13 Tips for Survey Design

Surveys are an quick and effective way of collecting large amounts of data or feedback and don’t require a huge amount of experience to put

Survey Design

Survey Fatigue: Impact and Prevention

What is Survey Fatigue? Survey fatigue is where respondents become disengaged with a survey. It is also referred to also referred to as ‘Respondent Fatigue’

Survey Design

Multiple Responses: Should You Allow Them?

What are Multiple Responses? In this case ‘multiple responses’ does not refer to multiple choice questions. Instead, this concerns the ability to submit more than

Survey Design

Trap Questions in Surveys: Good or Bad?

What are trap questions? Trap questions are used to identify respondents who’re speeding through your survey without paying attention. These respondents pose a risk ask