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KwikSurveys Update: November 2019

NPS Question and Chart Use our new Net Promoter Score question type to easily measure customer loyalty, where your NPS score will be calculated automatically

Survey Design

How to Conduct Survey Research

Learning how to conduct survey research effectively not only enables you to collect high quality data, but also saves you time and money. All successful

Survey Design

How to Write Survey Questions

There’s lots to consider when thinking about how to write survey questions. From the question type you use, to question length and order. The best

Survey Design

12 Tips for Writing Survey Answers

Your survey answers are as important to collecting high quality data as the question you write. So, we’ve provided some tips on writing answers options

Survey Design

Survey Fatigue: Impact and Prevention

What is Survey Fatigue? Survey fatigue is where respondents become disengaged with a survey. It is also referred to also referred to as ‘Questionnaire Fatigue’,