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Survey Panels

Collect data from qualified survey respondents

The KwikSample Marketplace gives you access to millions of survey respondents from all over the world.

Use search criteria to target specific demographic groups; from consumers to industry leaders.

Each panellist has been profiled and vetted to ensure they’re qualified to contribute to your research.

Custom Targeting

How to buy survey responses

Begin by creating a survey, then head over to the Send tab and select ‘buy survey respondents’.

Then select from hundreds of demographic criteria to customize your panel. Set quotas for age and gender criteria to ensure your survey target audience is representative of your target population.





Marital Status











Reviewing The Data From Your Survey Target Audience
Data Analysis

Reviewing your data

Your data is automatically compiled as charts and graphs into a professional digital report.

From here you can use filtering tools to segment your results based on responses, locations or demographics and compare sets of data to draw actionable conclusions.

How is the price of respondent panels calculated?

The cost of your survey target audience is determined by these three factors.

1. Number of responses

2. Survey length

3. Targeting criteria

Features to power your research

Logic and piping​

Keep questions relevant to respondents and personalize question and answer text.

A/B testing

Split test images, videos and text to identify what content performs best with survey respondents.

Mobile surveys

Surveys are responsive across all devices. Allowing for access anywhere and anytime.

Digital reports

Create custom reports based on filters and comparisons and share access with a URL link or QR code.​

Branding and design

Fully brand your surveys by adding logos, customizing design, white labelling and using custom domains.


Invite team members to your Organization, share advanced features and collaborate on survey.