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A guide to question logic

Logic provides a way for respondents to skip questions they are not required to answer. It can also be used to create consent pages, or to request more information from unhappy customers.

Logic works by skipping entire pages when the user hits the Next Page button. It is not intended to hide/show questions on the same page. To use it you will need to break your survey up into separate pages with any block of questions that may be skipped placed onto their own page.

Once this is done you can add logic to specific question answer choices. For example if you have a question which asks "Have you ever contacted our support department? Yes, No.". You might want to skip a page titled "How did our support staff handle your query?". To do this you would simply edit that question and set the skip logic for the NO answer choice to jump to the following page whatever that might be. You can also skip directly to the final completion/exit page if there are no more questions for them to answer.

If you require logic that sends respondents to two different and exclusive pages then you will also need to use Page Logic.