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Using logic to disqualify respondents

For a detailed guide to question logic please read A guide to question logic.

  1. Add a new page near the start for your disqualification questions.
  2. Add a second exit page for disqualified respondents.
  3. Ensure the disqualification question page (1) is before any other question they will need to skip, and the disqualified exit page (2) is after the standard exit page (so that successful respondents do see this.). You can reorder by drag and dropping the page tabs if needed.
  4. Add your disqualification questions and for each one as you enter the disqualifying answer choices select the exit page you created above (2)

It is fine to include other survey questions on the disqualification page (or on prior pages) if you want all users to answer them (contact details for example.).

You could also include a consent question on this page if desired.