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Page Logic - changing which page appears next

By default all pages simply step to the following page when someone hits the "Next Page" button as you would expect. However when using logic there are many occasions where this would be undesirable.

Take the following example where you have different questions for Men and Women. These questions would need to be placed onto separate pages however whilst the everything is fine for the female respondents, without changing the next page default for page 2, male respondents would automatically go to the next page which would be the female questions on page 3. Setting page 2 to default to page 4 resolves this issue.

Here is an example.

  1. Page containing question "Are you Male or Female?" (Question logic: "Female" skip to page 3)
  2. Page containing Male questions (Page logic: "Skip to page 4)
  3. Page containing Female questions
  4. Page containing questions for everyone

TIP: If you intend to setup more than a trivial amount of logic then we suggest mapping out your survey using a pen and paper before you start entering questions.

Also see Question Logic