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Project Dashboard

The dashboard is where you can access all of your existing projects (surveys, quizzes, forms and polls) as well as create new ones. When you first visit the page it will show all project types. Each item in the list shows the date it was created and the current response count. If you hover your mouse over the item then additional options will be available to view the results, edit, duplicate, clear and delete the project.

Filtering and searching your projects

After using the service for some time, you may find that you have a long list of projects you have created. By default you will see all your most recent projects, but you can use the navigation options on the left to filter by project type or use the search box to search for the title by name.

Action menu

The action menu hides many options related to the specific survey allowing you to edit an existing project, view the results, launch the survey or perform administrative tasks.


  • Edit survey/form/quiz/poll
  • Options (poll only)
  • Launch
  • Results
  • Copy
  • Rename
  • Label (tagging and organization)
  • Close (or resume) your survey

Deleting or clearing your survey.

If you delete your survey then it will be moved to the trash folder and you will be able to recover it within 30 days.

If you clear a survey then the results will be permanently erased with no way to restore the old data.

Suspending a survey

You can suspend or reactivate a survey at any time by clicking Close from the action menu. When suspended anyone visiting your survey will see a message telling them the survey has now been closed.

Labels (Tags)

As well as sorting your projects by type, you can also tag and organize your projects. You can then simply type the tag name into the search box or click an existing tag to instantly filter the list.

Deleted items

The deleted section of the dashboard stores any trashed projects. You can restore trashed projects and their responses from here, as well as delete projects forever. Please note that if you choose to delete a trashed project, you will not be able to restore it in the future. I can see the title of my survey, but how do I see the results?