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Spam policy

No form of spamming will be tolerated, CAN-SPAM laws must be adhered to. All recipients must have opted-in to receive emails from you, whether they commercial or not. These rules apply equally to non-commercial research mailings.

You or your company must have the relationship with the recipients, i.e. no borrowing of lists as this generates a large number of complaints. If you want to send your survey to a list belonging to another organization then they must send the e-mails for you. They should clearly identify themselves as the sender.

No purchased or third party lists of any kind are allowed. Again the recipient must have opted to receive correspondence from you.

All e-mails sent containing links to our surveys MUST contain your name, organization name, address and contact telephone numbers as well as have a valid reply e-mail address. If you are using our email system then your e-mail list must be clean of any bounced addresses within the last 6 months and not contain any generic email addresses (sales@ support@ webmaster@ etc.)

When these rules are not obeyed complaints are quickly generated and are usually sent to our ISP. They will contact us and ask that your account be immediately terminated. Accounts will be closed at our sole discretion and no refunds given.