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How do I launch my survey, poll or quiz?

The launch page is the same for launching either a survey, quiz or form.

You can access the launch page either from the dashboard by clicking the launch button from the action menu, or by using the Launch icon displayed in the navigation bar from the survey/quiz editor

There are four ways to launch your survey.

  1. On this page you can copy and paste the unique URL for your survey. This you can then email to whoever you want to complete your survey. Please ensure that you copy the link carefully or it will not work. Ensure the link is contained on a paragraph of its own to avoid any complications when the email is sent and read by others.
  2. You can share, tweet, post or blog your survey. Please just click on the appropriate icon to launch your survey.
  3. If you have your own website you can create a popup survey. Please just copy the code provided and insert into your website.
  4. If you have uploaded your contacts into the address book then you can leave us to send your emails for you. Fill in the form as instructed and do NOT remove the text which says [survey] from the message box. This text will be replaced with your survey link automatically by the system when the mailing is sent out. You do not need to copy and paste the survey link into the message, this is done for you.