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With collaboration we offer you the ability to share your survey / quiz / form to other accounts. With this you and the users you have shared the project to will be able to simultaneously edit the form using the question editor. It is also possible for collaborators to simultaneously view and manipulate the results. Collaborators can even copy the project, excluding the results, and produce a different form based on your original.

How to Collaborate

If you want to send your project to someone so they can help you build your form or analyse your data…

  1. Select “Collaborate” on the project you would like to share from the dashboard.
  2. Once in the collaborate dialogue, enter the email address of the persons you would like collaborate with.
  3. Choose what permissions you would like them to have and hit “Collaborate”.
  4. New collaborators will be sent an email, existing collaborators will be notified when they next login.

Receiving a collaboration invitation

When you receive a collaboration invitation in your emails you should click the link. The link will then ask you to either login or register. Once you have done this the shared projects will be linked with your account. Any future invitations from the same user you will be notified about when you next login.

Real-time Collaboration

Once shared you can edit your form at the same time as other people. When someone makes a change it will appear on your screen as they’re typing. Whilst you’re editing a question this will appear locked to other users, however it is possible for them to take control using the “take control” button. When a user does this they will be editing it from the point it was for the originally editing user. If the user that takes control decides to “Cancel” and not save changes, the changes of the first user will also be lost.