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Also known as Cross analysis or Segmenting

Comparisons are the most advanced feature of the reporting system allowing you to break down the data by question.

Simple example.

You have asked number of questions, one of which simply asks whether the person is Male or Female.

To view a breakdown by gender simply add two comparisons, one for Mail and another for Femail.

The report will now update and each question will state the totals and averages by sex.

You will also notice that by default the report already has one comparison active called All Data. This adds the overall totals to your report. If you don't want this then just delete it from the comparisons section and it will be gone from the results.

Advanced - Mixing filters and comparisons

Lets say you have conducted a report across a general population but you are only really interested in the differences between 18-24 year olds and 25-30 year olds. You setup a report as above but the totals section still shows the the figures for all respondents and you only want to see them for those age ranges.

This is easy to setup.

  1. Add filters for 18-24 OR 25-30 (Match ANY)
  2. Add a comparison for 18-24 and another for 24-30
  3. Leave the existing All data comparison in place.

See also filtering