Multiple Responses: Should You Allow Them?

What are Multiple Responses?

In this case ‘multiple responses’ does not refer to multiple choice questions. Instead, this concerns the ability to submit more than one response a single device (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone). You may wonder why this is even in question, but there are both pros and cons to enabling this feature.

How it works?

KwikSurvey’s prevents multiple responses by detecting cookies stored in respondent’s devices, which appear once they have submitted a response. If they attempted to respond again from the same device, they would be informed that they’ve already completed the survey.

Pros of Multiple Responses

There’s a very good reason that you may want to do this. where devices are shared (in spaces such as offices and classrooms), it is more than likely that multiple people will be using the same device at different times.

If you don’t allow multiple responses, it becomes a first-come first-served scenario. This restricts access to your project and means your results/ respondent pool will shrink.

Cons of Multiple Responses

By allowing the same device to submit multiple responses, a single respondent can submit more than one response.

This can result in two scenarios

  • They submit the same set of responses repeatedly, giving their opinion too much weight in your results.
  • They submit a different set of results each time, skewing your data altogether.

Should I Allow Multiple Responses?

Ensuring the integrity of your results is the most important aspect of data collection. So, your decision should be based on which option incurs less risk for your project.

How to Disable Multiple Responses with KwikSurveys

By default, in surveys, quizzes and forms, respondents will be able to complete your project multiple times. To disable this feature, follow the steps below:

  1. Open a project
  2. Enter the Setting Menu in the Build section
  3. Toggle the switch under ‘Prevent Duplicate Responses’

A respondent’s device will now only be able to submit one response to your project. See our documentation for disabling duplicate responses.

If you need any more help with creating surveys, see our tips on survey design.

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