Kwiksurveys Update: May 2018


The February site update saw the addition of our Help documentation, a more modern visual design for the Dashboard and Builder, and improvements to your account manager menu. The May update to Kwiksurveys brings even more improvements and refinements to make the site more efficient and usable. Below you’ll find a list of these newest changes:

Resdesigned Homepage

  • New and improved design and content.
  • Fully interactive survey embedded, so you can try our software before you sign up.

The old homepage served Kwiksurveys well, but we felt it was about time we spruced it up and showed our software off where everyone could see it.

Seasonal Themes

  • A new selection of themes.
  • Based on seasons (Summer, Winter, etc.) and holidays (Halloween, Easter, etc).

The themes are one of the things we love the most about the Kwiksurveys’ software, not only because they look sleek and professional but also because of how much you can customize them. However, we wanted to add a range of less formal themes for those surveys that aren’t quite as serious as employee feedback. Enter: Seasonal Themes.

These are sets of themes we add semi-regularly, usually for the beginning of a new season or upcoming holiday. These range from Winter-y themes to those created for the 4th of July. If you’ve got a suggestion, just let us know.

QR Codes

  • Download a QR code, which opens your survey when scanned.

You’ll now find a QR code nestled underneath the sharable URL in the ‘Send’ section of your project. When scanned by a mobile/ tablet device, it will be directed to your survey, quiz or form.

You could stick these codes up in social areas, such as the office break room, and may generate a bit more interest in respondents than an email invitation.

Create an Organization (Teams)

  • Consolidate the accounts of your colleagues and employees under one Organization.
  • Controlled by an admin account.
  • Members will benefit from the PRO features of the admin account.
  • No additional cost for up to 10 users
  • Data ownership consolidated to the admin account (ideal for when employees change jobs or leave.)
  • Consolidate Billing (OPTIONAL)
  • Admin has access to data in all accounts (coming soon)
  • GDPR compliant

Sharing a single account with a few of your colleagues used to be common practice, but the GDPR has made it a bit risky, as data can now only be shared for the specific purpose of performing a job role.

So, we’ve given you the ability to combine individual accounts under an Organization, which one account would take control of (the admin). Each organization can consist of 10 users, but more can be added for a fee (get in touch for more info).

Hide Unanswered Questions

  • Remove unanswered questions from your individual responses

You can now filter out questions that respondents haven’t answered from the individual responses section of your results.

This feature will make it much easier to peruse through your respondent’s answers.

Removal of Live Chat

  • Live Chat feature removed
  • You can still get in touch via the email ticketing system

We’ve removed the live chat feature in preparation for a new way to contact us. You can still get in touch via our email ticketing system, and one of our team members will reply as soon as they can.

A new system will put in place of the live chat and our current email system by September, so keep your eye out for more details.

GDPR Compliance

The dreaded May 25th came and went without too much noise, but we’re glad to say we’re fully compliant with the GDPR and so are your surveys. You can refer to our new documentation concerning all of this below:

That’s all for now, you should hear more from us sometime in August or September with more updates and improvements.

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