Kwiksurveys Update: February 2018


We’re constantly working hard to improve our site features, services and user experience. This first update of 2018 rolls out an overhaul of the site design, the enhancement of existing site features, and a host of new support documentation. Below, you’ll find a list of our most prominent improvements and additions:

New user interface

  • Site optimized for Mobile and Tablet devices.
  • Improved site design, which is cleaner and more accessible.
  • You are now able to access your billing information wherever you are on the site. See the ‘Billing’ tab at the top right of your page.

Menu improvements

  • The Question Quick Menu (formerly the Cog Menu) format has been tweaked, for improved efficiency and clarity.
  • The ‘More’ section of the menu has been changed to ‘Settings’, to more clearly illustrate its functions and options.

Minimum number of answer choices

You are now able to set a minimum number of answer selections for respondents.

The question types this feature is available for are:

  • Multi-Choice (Single Select)
  • Multi-Choice (Multi-Select)
  • Picture Choice (Single Select)
  • Picture Choice (Multi-Select)

Improved Print Surveys

  • Print button name change to ‘Paper Form’.
  • Button moved from the top bar into the new sidebar menu.
  • Paper Forms now load faster.
  • Improved Paper Form format and design.

GDPR Preparation

We’re currently working behind the scenes to prepare ourselves, and all of you, for the quickly approaching GDPR regulations.

We’ve written a handy ‘What is GDPR‘ article if you wanted to learn more about this legislation, and what it means for us all.

Help Documentation

New comprehensive tutorials and guides have been created to provide you with an extra level of support when using our site.

There are articles illustrating everything you can do, from building a project to sharing and distributing, to analyzing and customizing reports.

Live Chat

You are now able to contact us through our Live Chat feature! Simply click the chat box in the bottom right, and get in touch. Our active hours are between 9 am and 5.30 pm (GMT), and we endeavour to respond to your query as soon as possible.


Billing History and New Account Manager

  • We improved the visual design of the Account Manager.
  • Billing history is now accessible through the ‘Billing’ section of your Account Manager.
  • You can find invoices in the billing history tab of ‘My Account’.

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