Kwiksurveys Update: August 2018


It seems the time has flown by since our May update, in which we saw a visual overhaul of the homepage, the ability to share your project with a QR code and a regularly updated set of seasonal themes. Since then we’ve been keeping ourselves busy with a few more additions and improvements to Kwiksurveys:

New Question Types

We’ve added two new question types to our roster at Kwiksurveys: Date and Date Range.


This question type allows you to request a singular date from your respondents. Available in Surveys, Forms and Quizzes.

Date range

This question type allows respondents to provide a period of time as their answer. Available in Surveys, Forms and Quizzes.

Help Scout (Customer Support)

  • Updated Help Documentation
  • New Contact Widget

We decided to move our Help documentation to another host (Help Scout), which has given it a cleaner look and a structure that’s easier to navigate.

This Knowledge Base is now integrated with our contact widget, so you can conveniently search for any relevant tutorials or FAQs before you get in touch, and save yourself a little time. But don’t hesitate to fire a message our way if your question’s a little more specific.

Improvements to Page Logic

  • New Logic Menu

Our Logic (Question Branching) system has also been greatly updated. You can now manage all your logic from the ‘Page Logic’ menu in the left sidebar of the builder.

Here you’ll find each of your pages listed, along with any question that have logic applied to them. You can add and edit page logic from this space, and even change the default logic for the page.

Team Resources (Updated: 2021)

Teams are no longer limited by set resources. All team users have full access to the features of their admin user.

Pro Plan

  • 3 Users
  • Unlimited responses

Business Plan

  • 5 or 10 Users
  • Unlimited responses

Coming Soon: New Reporting System

  • Fresh design of the Quick Reports
  • Reports will become easily shareable

We’re also excited to announce that we’re currently renovating the reporting system for your projects. This will include a new interface for your results, more control in the customization of their design and the capability to share your reports

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